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ไอดินนายด์ ร่วมกับ Technology Partner

เราให้บริการ Solutions Backup ข้อมูล, Video conference, IP Telephony, โครงสร้างพื้นฐานไอที, ระบบ Cloud, Wire/Wireless Network ต่างๆ รวมไปถึง Server, Virtualization, HCI, Storage หรือหากกำลังมองหา Conference Room Solutions เช่น Interactive Monitor/Projector และบริการอื่นๆก็มีพร้อมให้บริการ ท่านสามารถดูรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติมตามรายละเอียดด้านล่างครับ

Solutions Highlights

Technology Partner

Backup Solutions

 Small business
☐ Cloud Backup
Backup and Recovery
☐ Virtual Backup
Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing

Medium & Large Enterprise
☐ Virtual Environment Backup
☐ Disaster Recovery with Imaging
☐ Secure Mobile File Access
☐ Corporate Cloud Backup

Unified Communication Solutions

Telephony and Communication
☐ Communication and Messaging
☐ Video and conferencing
☐ Phones

Contact/Call Centers
☐ Assisted Experience Management
☐ Automated Experience Management
☐ Performance Management

Unified Communication Solution

Network and mobility Solutions

Wire/Wireless Networking
☐ Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture
☐ Ethernet Switches
☐ Branch Routers
☐ Network Management
☐ Access Control
☐ Wireless Networks
☐ Fabric Connect
☐ SD-WAN/MAN Networks

Mobility Solution
Acronis Files Advance

Network and Mobility Solution

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Converged Infrastructure
☐ FlashStack (Cisco, VMware, Purestorage)

Hyper Converged Infrastructure
☐ IT Optimization & Servers consolidate
☐ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Management (VDI)
☐ Remote Virtual (Remote Office/Branch Office : ROBO)
☐ Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Manage Service and Security Service

☐ MPSL (Site-to-Site)
☐ Internet connection
☐ VPN (IPsec,SSL) / SD-WAN
☐ Managed Wireless Infrastructure

Firewall and security
☐ Managed Next Generation Firewall
☐ Managed Web Application Firewall
☐ Managed Anti-Virus and Ransomware protection Service
☐ Managed Spam Email Service

Virtual telephony
☐ IP telephony
☐ Oversea Cheap Call Service


IT Infrastructure Solutions

☐ Server System (HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Supermicro …)
☐ Storage System (EMC, QSAN, IBM, HP …)
☐ Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM …)
☐ Hyper-Converged System (Sangfor aCloud, Nutanix, Starwind, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure)
☐ Software-Defined Everything (SDN, SDDC, SDS)

IT infrastructure Solution

Digital Signage and Conferencing Solutions

LFD Monitor / Hospitality Solution
☐ Samsung LFD Monitor
☐ NEC LFD Monitor
☐ NEC Projector
☐ OneLAN digital signage
☐ Large Format Display
☐ Touch Screen 4K LED Monitor
☐ Conference Solution (TAIDEN)

Digital Signage and Conferencing Solution

Storage Solutions

☐ QNAP/Synology
☐ NetApp
☐ Overland Storage

☐ HP
☐ FlashArray//x-PureStorage
☐ QSAN Sorage

RDX/Tape Library
☐ Overland RDX
☐ Starwind VTL